Federal Office Building Renovation, Los Angeles.

Competition entry for Next Gen 2011 ideas competition.

This entry proposes a comprehensive energy fix for the building's energy use, proposed as a "TEN STEP PROGRAM TO END ENERGY ADDICTION."

The core of this proposal is a low-tech daylight redistribution system which utilizes the tremendous quantity of visible light contained in direct sunlight. It continues the work of the lighting designer William Lam from the 1980's, which in turn built upon climate-sensitive design common prior to the advent of mechanical conditioning and “free” energy. Contemporary designers working on marquee “sustainable” projects have focused on automated interior blinds and high-tech sensor/control systems. These are band-aids which do not address the underlying problem in office buildings: far too much daylight at the perimeter and none at the interior. Lam developed simple, fixed, large-scale, maintenance-free sunlight redistribution methods which addressed the underlying energy problems with office design, and were aligned with seasonal heating and cooling demands instead of ignoring them.